The benefits of being a member of Brisbane HOG

The Harley Owners Group is much more than just a motorcycle organization. It’s more than 1,000,000 people around the world united by a common passion - making the Harley-Davidson dream a way of life.

The reasons that led to you choosing and buying a Harley-Davidson were your own and may or may not be able to be explained to all those around you as most people do not realize that it’s not only a new Harley that you’ve bought – it’s a LIFESTYLE!. A lot more was involved with your purchase of a Harley, such as -

  • You and your individual style as reflected in YOUR Harley,
  • The H-D Legend,
  • The H-D and H.O.G. lifestyle,
  • Two Families – yours and your new HOG Family
  • The camaraderie of 1,000,000 HOGs world-wide and 16,000 HOGs in Australia
  • The Events that are run by and for HOGs

The H-D lifestyle is for us to know and for others to find out. It all adds up as ‘HOG’ and if you haven’t already seen or heard the phrase “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand” when referring to the Harley-Davidson experience, then as a member of HOG it won’t be long until you do!

With all that being said, the next step for you is to become a guest of the Brisbane Chapter and while there are a few requirements to become a chapter member, the emphasis is on safe riding, fun times and enjoying riding your Harley Davidson motorcycle with family, friends and your new HOG mates.  

You can download the Membership Booklet on the link below, or drop into our sponsoring dealer – Morgan and Wacker and pick one up from reception.

Brisbane HOG Membership Booklet

We hope to see you with us soon!!

Please Note : You must be an Australian or International member of H.O.G. as a Full or Associate member to join the Brisbane Chapter as a Full member.

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