ABCs of Touring

  • To participate you must be a Full HOG Member and you need to appear in at least 6 photos of your memorable journey. Associate members need to be in ALL the photos. 
  • Your Harley-Davidson motorcycle needs to appear in all photos. However, if the photos are taken overseas, a rental bike will suffice.
  • A 2024 Touring Handbook (or cover) or a 2024 issue of the magazine needs to be in the photo at all times.
  • To obtain a copy of the 2024 Touring Handbook, contact HOG AU as these are not automatically sent out or use the cover page provided.
  • To enrol, all entries will need to be uploaded onto the H.O.G. Member's site. To use the H.O.G. Member's site,  members will have to have set up their on-line profile at
  • More information can be found in the forms provided.

ABCs of Touring Form download

ABCs of Touring Poster download

2023 Scoreboard

Danny Raeburn   138   Troy Dowell Dandenong 48
Paulette McIver Northern Sydney 93   Jessica McKeown Gippsland 47
Graeme Kent Dandenong 92   Owen Hines Newcastle 46
Tennille Kent Dandenong 92   Bron Rose Newcastle 46
Richard Mason Yarra Valley 92   Tony Giardini Yarra Valley 46
Karen Mason Yarra Valley 92   Jason Field Central Coast 45
Edwin Davidson Northern Sydney 91   Stephen Hewitt Yarra Valley 45
Kenneth Meade Yarra Valley 91   Shane Bartlett Gippsland 44
Olaf Moon Sydney 91   Ilse Bartlett Gippsland 44
Bruce Gray Newcastle 90   Bronwyn Green Dandenong 44
Steve Hubbard Sunshine Coast 88   Kingsley Edgar Yarra Valley 44
Gary Butler Sydney 85   Stephen Gray Western Sydney 43
David Drummond Sydney 82   Carmen Starmer Swan River 43
Skye Page Oz HOG 81   Andrew Kidd Dandenong 43
Mark Sterck Northern Sydney 77   Dean Jones Canberra 43
Kirsten Sterck Northern Sydney 77   Liam Harley Yarra Valley 42
Stephen Garwood Yarra Valley 75   Keith Burgess Adelaide Chapter 42
Bronwyn du Preez Yarra Valley 71   Aurora Brokke Yarra Valley 42
Ben du Preez Yarra Valley 71   Frank Kaim Yarra Valley 42
Paul Mitchell Northern Sydney 68   Peter Loeff Yarra Valley 41
Roy John Northern Sydney 63   Barney O'Shaughnessy Perth 41
Elizabeth Storck Yarra Valley 61   Rachael Williams Yarra Valley 41
Ian Fiddyment Central Coast 61   Darren Sennett Geelong 40
Cameron Creary Central Coast 61   Darren Little Northern Sydney 40
George Kotsimbos Yarra Valley 59   Anne Biddulph Brisbane  39
Larry Price Albany South 59   Elizabeth Harley Yarra Valley 37
Kim Field Central Coast 57   Barney J O'Shaughnessy Perth 36
Mark Thomas   57   Matthew Furst Twin City 28
David Jones Canberra 57   Jenny Juschkat Gippsland 27
Pauline Van Eeden Perth 56   Troy Hicks Yarra Valley 26
Craig Phillips Central West NSW 56   Georgina Bates Swan River 26
Peter Ryder Northern Sydney 55   Mark Coleman Central Coast 25
Andrew Dunn Bayside   55   Brian McConville OZ HOG 25
Andrew Young Gippsland 54   Steve Reddecliffe Dandenong 25
Kylie Byrne Yarra Valley 54   Joanne Coleman Central Coast 24
Robert Byrne Yarra Valley 54   Ian Warrener Darwin 24
Roy Ward Canberra 51   Andrew Phelan Oz HOG 23
Grant Whitworth Dandenong 51   Peta Cahir Yarra Valley 23
Tammy Roberts Dandenong 51   Andrew Cahir Yarra Valley 23
Carl Terrantroy Northern Sydney 50   Kerry Jenkinson Dandenong 20