Brisbane HOG considers riding motorcycles safely as one of our key commitments to members and we incorporate safe riding into all of our ride activities.

We don’t want to be a statistic as international research indicates that, per hour of travel, motorcycle riders are 20 times more likely to be killed in a crash than vehicle occupants. With motorcycling more popular than ever, saving riders lives and preventing injuries is a critical road safety challenge.

As motorcycle riders, we are more exposed and vulnerable in the road environment and are at risk of more serious injury if involved in a crash – hence our focus on the benefits of safe and advanced riding courses and the incorporation of safe riding principles and practices into our rides and activities. We encourage members to develop advanced riding skills for everyone's benefit.

Taking up riding safely as a prime focus is even more critical to our chapter as our monthly rides can have over 130 Harleys riding in staggered formation throughout scenic country and city roads.

We want to make sure that we all arrive safely at each and everyone of our destinations and that the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Our RIDE SAFELY basics include:

  • Make sure your bike is roadworthy.

  • Make sure your bike is fuelled before departure.

  • Pay attention to the start times - don't be late.

  • Pay attention to the Safety Brief.

  • Never pass the Ride Captain.

  • Ride in staggered formation, not side by side.

  • Ride in same lane as the Road/Ride Captain on a multi lane highway.

  • On a winding or narrow road, ride in single file only.

  • If you break down stay with your bike in clear view of the Tail End Charlies and break down vehicle, and then flag them down if you need help.

  • If you are a single rider, please stop for a breakdown to offer assistance if needed. Two bikes should stop, one for assistance and another to direct traffic if required.

  • If corner marking, always REMAIN in place no matter what until the Tail End Charlies (Orange Vest) wave you on.

  • When corner marking, stay with your bike, helmet on and be prepared to move on as soon as directed.

Note: The First Aid kit is with the Safety Officer and Back Up vehicle!

Emergency Call (112) Service in Australia

Brisbane HOG actively promotes the ongoing development and maintenance of a motorcycle rider's skills and abilities and offers a number of courses in partnership with the Motorcycle Training Centre.